Trommel machine

Trommel machine

A trommel screenalso known as a rotary screen, is a mechanical screening machine used to separate materials, mainly in the mineral and solid-waste processing industries. Trommel screens can be used in a variety of applications such as classification of solid waste and recovery of valuable minerals from raw materials.

Trommels come in many designs such as concentric screens, series or parallel arrangement and each component has a few configurations. However depending on the application required, trommels have several advantages and limitations over other screening processes such as vibrating screensgrizzly screensroller screens, curved screens and gyratory screen separators.

Some of the main governing equations for a trommel screen include the screening rate, screening efficiency and residence time of particles in the screen. These equations could be applied in the rough calculation done in initial phases of a design process.

However, design is largely based on heuristics. Therefore, design rules are often used in place of the governing equations in the design of a trommel screen. When designing a trommel screen, the main factors affecting the screening efficiency and production rate are the rotational velocity of the drum, mass flow rate of feed particles, size of the drum, and inclination of trommel screen. Depending on desired application of trommel screen, a balance has to be made between the screening efficiency and production rate.

Trommel screens are used by the municipal waste industry in the screening process to classify sizes of solid waste. This is done by removing inorganic materials such as moisture and ash from the air-classified light fraction segregated from shredded solid waste, thereby increasing the quality of the product fuel.

For this particular application, solids from the entering flow will settle onto the screen mesh and the drum will rotate once the liquid reaches a certain level. The clean area of the screen is submerged into the liquid while the trapped solids fall onto a conveyor which will be further processed before removal.

Trommel screens are also used for the grading of raw materials to recover valuable minerals.

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The screen will segregate minuscule materials which are not in the suitable range of size to be used in the crushing stage. It also helps to get rid of dust particles which will otherwise impair the performance of the subsequent machineries in the downstream processes.

Other applications of trommel screens can be seen in the screening process of composts as an enhancement technique. It selects composts of variable size fractions to get rid of contaminants and incomplete composted residues, forming end products with a variety of uses. The classification process will help to achieve the desired mass or heat transfer rate and avoid under or over-processing.

It also screens tiny food such as peas and nuts that are strong enough to resist the rotational force of the drum. One of the available designs of trommel screens is concentric screens with the coarsest screen located at the innermost section.

It can also be designed in parallel in which objects exit one stream and enter the following. The trommel screen has many different configurations. The internal screw facilitates the movement of objects through the drum by forcing them to spiral. For an inclined drum, objects are being lifted and then dropped with the help of lifter bars to move it further down the drum which the objects will otherwise roll down slower.

Furthermore, the lifter bars shake the objects to segregate them. Lifter bars will not be considered in the presence of heavy objects as they may break the screen. As for the screens, perforated plate screens or mesh screens are usually used.

trommel machine

Perforated plate screen are rolled and welded for strength. This design contains fewer ridges which makes it easier for the cleaning process. On the other hand, mesh screen are replaceable as it is susceptible to wear and tear compared to perforated screen. In addition, screw cleaning work for this design is more intensive as objects tend to get wedged in the mesh ridges. The screen's aperture comes in either square or round shape which is determined by many operating factors [11] such as:.

Trommel screens are cheaper to produce than vibrating screens. They are vibration free which causes less noise than vibrating screens. Trommel screens are more mechanically robust than vibrating screens allowing it to last longer under mechanical stress. However more material can be screened at once for a vibrating screen compared to a trommel screen.Get your free gift!

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Operators can control the machine through either the DP10 display mounted on the control panel, or through a handheld transceiver remote. From either control, the operator can choose from four programmable presets or adjust on the fly based on incoming material.

Five large bolts adjust a tensioning hook to allow operators to quickly change screen sizes. The ability to tension the screen around the drum allows for smaller gauge wire, thus decreasing the surface area of the screen to help improve productivity. Terms and conditions: This promotional offer is valid for the following Vermeer new equipment models: TR, TR, TR, TR, and any attachments are eligible if sold with eligible machine.

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trommel machine

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This method of screening helps to reduce operating and investment cost and to increase product quality, while allowing rapid and large volume processing. The three coupling shafts are designed higher than the screening surface, which enables the larger particles being stirred up and thus increases the screening efficiency.

Small trommel screen for sand and gravel sieving. High reliabilit gold washing trommel price for sale. Mobile alluvial placer gold trommel price for Sudan. Our trommel screen is made of manganese steel which is excellent in abrasion resist and anti jam design. People also use it for sand, stone, vegetable and sugarcane washing.

Double sieve ideal material classification. Low price Alluvial gold trommel plansGold trommel wash plantGold trommel for sale. Weifang Heng An gold trommel price.A trommel is a slow rotating separation equipment used to remove small contaminants from a recycling stream. Although slow moving, this robust piece of equipment has been proven effective in numerous applications and is often used in municipal waste separation in large Material Recovery Facilities MRF.

At the core of a trommel is a large cylindrical mesh screen tunnel that rotates between 6 — 10 rotations per minute. Flaps are mounted on this interior tunnel to continuously flip the feed stock as well as guiding it in a forward motion.

As the feed stock slowly moves through this large piece of separation equipment which tilted at an angle, small pieces of unwanted contamination such as broken glass falls through the mesh screen and is collected.

Pieces that are larger than the mesh screen holes moves forward to the next piece of recycling machinery. ASG offers a standard trommel that is mm in diameter and mm long with automatic brush units to keep the mesh filters clean. Our trommels use a two-wheel or four-wheel drive design and come with frequency and synchronization controls. Depending on your requirements, ASG can also provide trommels made to your specifications.

The general lead time for all single-piece, standard equipment orders is 30 days. For custom orders or complete washing lines, the lead time is between 60 — 90 days. The actual lead time will depend heavily on the complexity of the project as well as the amount of machinery we have in queue at the time of your order. Contact us to discuss pricing and ordering details. Here is a brief summary of our ordering procedures. PE Film Washing Line. Double-Shaft Shredder.

Eddy Current Separator. Air Classifier. Screw Press Dewatering Machine. Thermal Dryer. Dewatering Machine. Hot Water Washer. Friction Washer. Plastic Granulator. Plastic Film Washing Line.

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All Rights Reserved.At Blue we offer the world renowned Doppstadt range of SM trommel screens which use the rotating drum method of screening.

The fields of applications vary from topsoil, construction waste and compost to the removal of fines from waste. Designed with productivity and durability in mind, the Doppstadt trommels, known as the SM series, are extremely reliable and are easy to maintain.

The Flex by Doppstadt is your access point to state-of-the-art screen technology. This entry The Doppstadt SM is one of the bestselling trommel screens globally, thanks to its outstanding The Doppstadt SM trommel screen is renowned worldwide for its versatility and exceptional A multi-use machine known throughout the world for its excellent throughput.

Its applications Doppstadt At Blue we offer the world renowned Doppstadt range of SM trommel screens which use the rotating drum method of screening. View the range. Doppstadt range Flex The Flex by Doppstadt is your access point to state-of-the-art screen technology. SM K A multi-use machine known throughout the world for its excellent throughput. Thank you.Brian's the earth-biscuit type, with a flop of blond hair and a kayak rack on his Jeep that he actually uses.

He's a community-garden aficionado and a yard farmer who could talk compost for hours—mostly because there's a massive heap of it in his backyard. Brian's compost pile is the Everest of our neighborhood. It is robust of scent and full of twigs, old pineapple rinds, his Australian shepherd's buried rawhide chews, and gigantic mounds of last year's oak leaves. And buried deep inside is some of the best compost Mother Earth has ever cooked.

A few years ago Brian built a manual compost sifter, just a big screen within a frame, and he shook small batches of compost through it, separating the fine material from whatever hadn't finished breaking down. He used the rich matter to top-dress his lawn, which improves moisture retention and soil structure, and to make his flower and veggie beds go nuts.

trommel machine

He reduced the size of his compost mound and made room for the fall leaf drop in our neighborhood. That's how Brian talks.

trommel machine

He's committed to the organic and sustainable life. Problem is, Brian has a bad back. Hours of manually sifting heavy compost ran up his chiropractor bills. Then Brian unearthed an old rock bed left behind by a previous owner and thought about how great those rocks would look on the other side of the yard—but first the bed would need to be sifted and cleaned.

The very thought of putting it all through his manual sifter nearly put him in traction. So he hit the Internet to find a better solution. Brian decided to build a motorized trommel, a rotating cylindrical screen that separates fine material from rough. It's especially good at shaking out fine compost from a heap of rot and leaves. When Brian first told me about this trommel project, he was so stoked about it that he got me excited too. But when I arrived at his house to check it out, he took me to a dark corner of his backyard.

I've hit a roadblock. You know how it goes. You start a project, then halfway through Saturday you're surrounded by tools and a half-finished mess. Brian had watched hours of YouTube videos by guys who'd successfully built mechanical trommels before him—guys like Paul Miller of La Mesa, California. He watched as Paul framed a basic cylinder with bike rims and screening, then mounted it on a wooden frame with smaller wheels turning the sieve within the rims.

Atop the structure he mounted a motor. The whole thing sat at an angle, so when Paul shoveled rough material into the higher end, the cylinder dropped fine material below and dumped chunky debris into a wheelbarrow or hopper.

Brian got to work on the cylinder first:. Use three to inch bicycle rims for the cylinder frame. Brian grabbed his from the local bicycle collective.WSM Titan Trommel Screens represent an evolution in manufacturing skill and technique and redefine the industry standard for this machine type. Proprietary WSM design and fabrication innovations enable the Titan Trommel to provide screening volumes unheard of elsewhere. Titan Trommel Screens are built one at a time, tailored to the needs of individual customers for severe duty applications, carrying the WSM Built To Last heritage a step further.

End to end innovation: 1. WSM Exclusive Trommel ring assemblies, 2. Dual drum support wheels, 4. Full WSM Trommel covers allow access to multiple screen sections at one time to make periodic inspection simple and screen replacement faster. Covers feature a sealing system, 5.

How to Build a Motorized Trommel—And Why on Earth You Would Want To

Severe duty structural steel main frame designed to minimize material accumulation. Production capacity up to cubic yards per hour. WSM started from the ground up with no compromises designing and building the Titan Trommel.

Beyond the proprietary WSM Trommel design and the revolutionary fabrication techniques, WSM maintains the Titan legacy of durability and toughness under the most demanding environments and production requirements. A considerable amount of research proceeded our purchase.

WSM obviously designs for dependability and fabricates with outstanding quality control. Working with WSM is a pleasant experience because all the personnel are courteous, knowledgeable, and professional. Hover over circles to see features of the Titan Trommel Screen. Nylon bristle, screen cleaning brush assemblies are individually removable for quick service and minimal downtime Not Shown. Heavy duty segmented chain drive with shock absorbing base to minimize shock loads, noise, stress, and wear.

Driven gear is removable for easy maintenance. Heavy duty structural steel main frame designed with components to minimize material accumulation. Optional discharge conveyors. WSM can supply multiple conveyors for corresponding separation sizes and associated supports. Modular interchangeable screen sections per customer requirements. Woven wire or plate options are available. Only WSM infeed and outfeed machines integrate perfectly with your trommel to provide seamless workflow.

These optional add-ons can be combined to form the ultimate system. Trommel screen, optional structures, platform, infeed and transfer conveyors. This complete system includes infeed, discharge conveyors, and access platform. Reliable work without downtime, year after year. Our heritage of skill and quality is built into everything we make — from the framework out.

Manufacturing processes evolve, but our commitment to delivering hard working machines that will perform as promised has never changed. See more about WSM manufacturing. Another WSM innovation in manufacturing WSM Titan Trommel Screens represent an evolution in manufacturing skill and technique and redefine the industry standard for this machine type.

More Features.


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